Wavves – “You’re Welcome” (2017)


It’s cold and ugly outside right now in Pennsylvania, so I thought it might be a good idea to have a little mental vacation with some good ol’ surfer rock provided by Wavves on their latest album “You’re Welcome”. This came out back in May and I gave it a half-hearted listen back then, mostly enjoying the track “No Shade” but not getting too much deeper into it. Now, let’s get out the board shorts and the suntan lotion and hit the beach!

“You’re Welcome” is quite the fun record. There is a great variety of sounds on the album, from the distorted guitar and flickers of electronic music to the different inflections frontman Nathan Williams puts on his voice and the barbershop background vocals that appear at the end of “Come to the Valley”. The lo-fi recording is a good match with the sounds on the album, in particular the fuzzy guitar and the drum beats which at times sound like they are about to blow out a speaker.

Even after giving “You’re Welcome” more of a chance, “No Shade” is still making me happy with each listen. The noisy punk sound on this track is awesome and Wavves pulls together a catchy as hell chorus. “Million Enemies” is another winner with a hook that won’t get out of my head. One of my favorite songs is “Hollowed Out”. It has a thumping beat and it really is addicting after the first couple of listens.

There is such a fun energy to “You’re Welcome” and with most of the songs coming in under 3 minutes, the album is a breeze. I wish I had caught this one back in May so I could have added it to my soundtrack for the summer. Without a doubt I won’t be making that mistake again next year when summer rolls around.

Thank you, Wavves, for putting me in a West Coast state of mind with this album. Certainly any fan of surfer rock, noisy pop, or punk should give this record a try.




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