Iron Chic – “You Can’t Stay Here” (2017)


Here’s some straightforward punk rock from Iron Chic’s album, “You Can’t Stay Here”, which just came out last month. Iron Chic have a sound that’s not very aggressive, but not overly catchy. I think of it as middle-ground punk. There isn’t a whole lot of deviation going on in this record and almost all of the tracks are your standard punk rock tunes. This is about as uncomplicated as you can get.

Now, there is totally nothing wrong with a straightforward album if it has something to back it up, whether that be an addictive energy coming from the band or some killer melodies and choruses. Unfortunately, I’m not getting that from “You Can’t Stay Here”. The performances are pretty stale, the recording is kind of lifeless, and the songs are for the most part forgettable. When Iron Chic do go for something different, like on the song “Ruinous Calamity” which is a slow acoustic track, the results aren’t much better. After each listen of the album I was only coming away with two songs that I enjoyed, “Planes, Chest Pains, and Automobiles” and “Profane Geometry”.

That felt really harsh to write, so let me say that I don’t think this album is bad, but average. Obviously the songwriting and sounds here are just not jiving with my personal tastes. I honestly thought I was going to really enjoy Iron Chic’s efforts here due to the record label SideOneDummy being one I generally enjoy and, as stupid as it may sound, the cover art (I mean that is some really cool art). Oh well, I probably won’t be giving this album another try, but I may check out Iron Chic’s next record to see if they change anything up.




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