Tacocat – “Lost Time” (2016)


Take bubblegum pop sensibilities, feminism, west coast punk attitude, and a heavy does of surfer rock and you’ll get something pretty close to Tacocat. Tacocat is a punk rock band based out of Seattle and “Lost Time” marks their third studio album and their latest release. I first came across the band on a random Reddit thread with their single, “I Hate the Weekend”. I was drawn to the immediacy of the song, it was so freaking catchy and fun that I had to check out the rest of the album.

What I soon learned was that “I Hate the Weekend” was not some fluke of a song. Listening to “Lost Time” was like I was hanging out in a meat hanger with all of these hooks catching on me every which way I turn. There are hooks everywhere on this album! The guitar riffs, the choruses, the verses, everything is designed to get you singing along and bobbing your head. The track times are super short, most barely getting past 2 minutes, so they do not waste any time getting to the good stuff.

In other words, “Lost Time” is like a bag of candy.

It’s mind-boggling how Tacocat pull off so many fun melodies on this album, I kept waiting for a song to be a dud but it never happened. Each track on this album is catchy and has a great energy coming from the band. Of course, I still have my favorites like “I Hate the Weekend”, “I Love Seattle”, and “You Can’t Fire Me, I Quite”, but this is such a fun and quick album that I’ll just keep listening to the whole thing.

The instruments on the album are great but the real stars are the guitars and the vocals. There is a wonderful, jangly snarl to the guitar and it really does a lot of the heavy lifting in making the melodies work so well. Just as equal in importance are Emily Nokes’ vocals, which are sweet and powerful and the perfect conduit for the lyrics.

Sure, the songs are simple, but they cut straight to my heart and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I have seen Tacocat get some grief for their lyrics. It’s true that some of the songs are about getting your period, Plan B, “mansplaining”, and working stiffs, but I personally have no issues with the subjects of the songs and Tacocat deliver them in a witty and humorous way.

This is a very addicting album, and I really need to get around to getting a CD of it. For me, “Lost Time” is one of those records that no matter what mood I’m in, I will almost always be up for listening to it again. It’s quick, it’s fun, it’s quirky, and it’s so. freaking. catchy.





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