GBH – “Momentum” (2017)


GBH, also known as Charged GBH, are an English punk band that have been active since 1978. The fact that they are still making music at all is pretty damn impressive and the fact they still kick ass is even more so. On this latest outing with “Momentum”, GBH waste no time getting through 12 tracks of no-nonsense punk rock.

As you might expect, GBH bring an old school punk vibe to this album. The sound and pace are pretty similar to early metal music and I was definitely picking up a lot of similarities to Motörhead. The songs are pummeling and full of pissed-off energy. I’m particularly partial to tracks like “Population Bomb” and “Fifty What?”, the latter of which directly addresses the age of the band by saying age is just a number and GBH is still giving more to the punk scene than a lot of younger bands. Honestly, I think that’s a fair enough statement.

While I enjoy the energy, sound, and lyrics on “Momentum”, there are a couple of things that keep me from considering it a great album. The vocals from Colin Abrahall are at times overly exaggerated in a way I’m personally not a fan of. Also, the straightforwardness of the album works against itself for me. I enjoy listening to the songs in the moment, but after having the album out of my mind for a minute not much of it is sticking with me. Unfortunately, this is not an album I’ll likely be coming back to very often in the future.

Without a doubt, GBH deserve a lot of respect for continuing to rock and put out good music after all these years. With “Momentum”, I can have a good time playing it loudly but it does not have the lasting appeal I look for in a great album.



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