The Coathangers – “Parasite” (2017)


The Coathangers are a female rock trio from Atlanta, Georgia. I was a huge fan of their album from 2016, “Nosebleed Weekend”. The Coathangers showed a lot of attitude and raucous appeal on that record. There was also a quirk to them, like using what sounded like a squeaky toy as an instrument on the appropriately named “Squeeki Tiki”. Behind all of that there were solid song structures and a knack for poppy hooks keeping the band together.
So I was both excited and surprised to see that the band had snuck out an EP several months ago called “Parasite”. This is a very unsubstantial EP with only 12 minutes of material and one of the five songs is just a different version of a previously released song from “Nosebleed Weekend”. Still, I’ll take whatever I can get from the band so I dove right in.
There are no big changes to The Coathangers’ sound on this EP, which for me isn’t a complaint. Satisfying bass lines are present through the entirety of “Parasite” and are accompanied by noisy punk guitars. The interchanging vocals between the nasally lead singer and the deeper drummer provide a nice contrast.
The no-nonsense punk rock of the opener track is awesome and it’s followed by my favorite track on the EP, “Wipe Out”, which has a great false start that totally pulled my leg on my first listen. I get the feeling that the band doesn’t take themselves too seriously and have a lot of fun playing their songs. Sometimes this can result in a bit of sloppiness, but I’ll take something that sounds alive and organic rather than stiff and perfect almost any day of the week.
I’m not much of a fan of “Drifter”, the closing track to the album. I don’t feel that the The Coathangers are best suited for slower songs, as they lose a lot of the energy that makes their music great in the first place. Also, even for an EP, there is just too little here to get too excited about. If nothing else, “Parasite” proves that the band is still kicking ass and I’m excited for their next album.



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