Counterparts – “You’re Not You Anymore” (2017)


Counterparts is a hardcore punk band from Ontario and “You’re Not You Anymore” is their fifth studio album.

This is an exhilarating album from beginning to end, with nary a moment to catch your breath. The songs blaze by in short spurts of 2 minutes but convey boat loads of emotion. The drums are technically phenomenal with super fast fills and pulling off exhausting beats and the accompanied electric guitar is equally manic yet tight.

While I dig the aggressive nature of the instrumentals and the energy that Counterparts puts into this album, there are some things that pull me out of it. For one, this hardcore punk is just a little too hardcore for me. That’s to say, the screamed vocals of frontman Brendan Murphy get a little trying for me. I usually prefer when hardcore vocalists offer some contrast or at least don’t sound too overly emotional. There’s also a breakdown in the middle of the album that kind of brings everything to a halt and not in an interesting way.

I appreciate the instrumental performances on “You’re Not You Anymore”, again I think they are great, and while I’m listening to the album in the moment everything sounds good. But I’m not getting very many memorable songs out of this, in fact my favorite song from the record is strictly due to the fact that it has a killer chorus. While this album isn’t so much my style, I would definitely recommend any hardcore punk fans to give it a try and the fact that it’s under 30 minutes long means it doesn’t take much of a commitment either.

Favorite song: “A Memory Misread”



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