Hot Snakes – “Suicide Invoice” (2002)


Hot Snakes is a post-hardcore punk band and “Suicide Invoice” was their second album. This band has an instantly recognizable sound thanks to unique guitar tones and riffs as well as vocalist Rick Froberg’s raspy yet clear voice. Due to these qualities, it’s always easy to spot a Hot Snakes song in the wild.

To harp on a little more about the sound on “Suicide Invoice”, this is such an enjoyable album to listen to. There is almost a rockabilly flavor to the electric guitar. It’s very throaty and the band doesn’t hide behind much distortion, allowing a lot of mid-range to come through and for a wonderful clarity on each strummed chord. I am just in love with the tones and the playing that the guitarists showcased on this album. I’m equally impressed with Froberg’s singing. At times, it sounds like he’s boiling over with anger and he’s barely keeping it in check, which creates a great tension on a lot of the songs.

The songwriting on “Suicide Invoice” is arguably just as great as the sound. The track listing is extremely cohesive with not one sticking out as a black sheep. The songs all have something interesting go on, whether it’s a riff, a great chorus, or a well-written verse. There are no moments that need skipping on the album and it’s an easy album to listen to over and over again due to a tidy 33 minute run-time.

Hot Snakes totally won me over as a fan with “Suicide Invoice”. I love their style and sound and the songwriting chops displayed on this release are great. It’s awesome to listen a punk or post-hardcore band with such a recognizable sound and slightly different take on the genre while also being just plain fun to listen to.



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