Wolf Alice – “Visions of a Life” (2017)


Wolf Alice is an alternative rock band from the UK and “Visions of a Life” is their second studio album.

Wow, I am seriously impressed with Wolf Alice on this album. “Visions of a Life” is delightfully eclectic from the sounds to the genres Wolf Alice seems to traipse through with ease. There are moments of punked-out aggression such as on “Yuk Foo” and “Formidable Cool” that sound like a raw garage rock band and in the same breath there are songs with 80s pop music flair, indie pop acoustic prettiness, and indie guitar rock. A lot of albums that have this ambition of covering multiple styles often fall flat on their faces and end up becoming disjointed. That’s not the case with Wolf Alice here because although the sounds are varied there is still a cohesiveness pulling everything together. Also the band has enough talent to pull off every style.

Wolf Alice employs a variety of instruments to complement the various sounds they pursue on “Visions of a Life”, but the core of the band is your standard guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. The instrumentation is recorded excellently and there are a lot of great beats, riffs, drum fills, and bass phrases that keep my ears at attention. The vocals from Ellie Rowsell are really great, ranging from ethereal and quiet to wild and loud.

“Visions of a Life” is chocked full of memorable songs and is just a plain old great album experience. It’s obvious that Wolf Alice has a ton of talent and a great skill for songwriting. This is definitely an album I will be revisiting again and is a highlight of 2017 for me so far.

Favorite songs: “Beautifully Unconventional”, “Don’t Delete The Kisses”, “Formidable Cool”, “Visions of a Life”



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