Marika Hackman – “I’m Not Your Man” (2017)


Marika Hackman is an English singer-songwriter and “I’m Not Your Man” marks her second full length release.

Most of this album is a pretty chill and mellow piece of indie rock and pop music. The rhythms are slow and deliberate and Marika’s vocals don’t pull off any wild tricks. While the mood for the most part is mellow, that’s not to say “I’m Not Your Man” is a sparse album. The songs are full of instrumentation so you aren’t going to be getting any cavernous and spacey tracks on this album. There is always a guitar playing or Marika singing to keep you from getting sucked into a void of boredom.

For the most part, the songs are written solidly and while not all of them blow me away there is at least something interesting going on with each track. The vocals from Marika are certainly a highlight and I really enjoy the thick undercurrent of sexuality throughout the album. I like that the lyrics are written in a seductive way that doesn’t become overbearing or trashy.

Although there are a lot of good things about “I’m Not Your Man”, I only came away from the album with a couple of songs that I loved. I do think that a few of the tracks blended together a little too much and I would have liked to hear more punch from the instruments or the vocals to spice things up. Still this is a good indie album that shouldn’t be overlooked from fans of the genre.

Favorite songs: “My Lover Cindy”, “Apple Tree”, “Majesty”



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