Red Fang – “Murder the Mountains” (2011)


Red Fang is an American stoner/sludge metal band and “Murder the Mountains” is their second studio album.

This is one of those albums that I bought on a whim based purely on the title of the album and its art. I actually got this at a Hot Topic back when they used to sell CDs and vinyl and I’m glad that I did. Red Fang brings a mix of grimy sounds, Black Sabbath-esque guitar riffs, and a brooding atmosphere that also doesn’t take itself too seriously. I really enjoy the dirty, almost unpleasant melodies and riffs on “Murder the Mountains” because there are great hooks beneath the surface. It makes the catchy moments that much more satisfying. Red Fang also bring a more straight forward approach to some of the songs such as on “Hank Is Dead” and “Painted Parade” and I think these go over extremely well, showing that the band is capable of producing memorable bangers.

Red Fang show a lot of promise for a relatively young band on this album. The drums, the guitar tones, and the recording are excellent and I really dig the contrast between the two vocalists Bryan Giles and Aaron Beam. The band really have a knack for delivering something¬†heavy and ugly and then following it up with something melodic and sweet. There are a few tracks on “Murder the Mountains” that fall a little short. “Into the Eye” isn’t very dynamic and the repetition of the song doesn’t produce anything too interesting. “Throw Up” is pretty long and could have been cut down and although I think the song “Wires” is great, I think it could have been improved further with some editing.

After hearing this album, I considered Red Fang one of my most anticipated modern metal bands. “Murder the Mountains” showed that the band had a signature sound, that they had the basics on lock, and that they were willing to do some interesting things with their songwriting.

Favorite songs: “Wires”, “Hank Is Dead”, “Painted Parade”, “Human Herd”



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