Vagabon – “Infinite Worlds” (2017)


Vagabon is the project of Laetitia Tamko and “Infinite Worlds” is her debut album.

“Infinite Worlds” is a very diverse record and really allows Tamko to flex her chops across genres. There is some punk rock with an indie rock flair on the album opener, an ambient and spacey song stuck in the middle of the record, and some morose indie pop scattered throughout. Matching these different moods, Tamko’s voice is strong yet delicate, powerful but pretty. Certainly, Vagabon succeeds in all of these different areas though I definitely prefer some over others. For my tastes, Vagabon is at its best when tackling more straightforward indie sounds rather than veering towards the more experimental or slow, drawn out songs.

While “Infinite Worlds” is a competent album, I feel that it’s missing something before I can consider it great. The album is definitely a grower as it gets better with repeated listens, but many of the songs aren’t hooking me in. It’s frustrating because it’s obvious that Tamko has a boat load of talent and I have no doubt that she will only improve on future releases, but I’m not in love with “Infinite Worlds” as much as I think I should be.

This album is making waves in the indie scene and should be sought at by any fan of the genre. There is no denying that it’s a good album, it was just shy of being great to my ears.

Favorite songs: “The Embers”, “100 Years”, “Cleaning House”



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