Fresh – “Fresh” (2017)


Fresh are a London-based punk band and just a few months ago they released their debut album.

Right out of the gate, I have to say this band makes me really excited. There is an addictive energy to Fresh and they have a wonderfully poppy punk sound. Fresh just totally nails on a lot of the things I love in punk music. Their songs are quick and fun while also having some weight to them in the lyrics. The female vocals are dripping with emotion and attitude and the guitars and drums sound great. The first half of this album in particular was making me grin ear to ear, listening to spunky songs like “Get Bent” and the epic chorus to “Fuck My Life”. There are just a lot of great moments of pure noise on this short album and, again, the energy is palpable.

I think this is a great album based on its own merits but also for the potential it shows for the band. Admittedly, the second half of the album is a little less memorable for me, but there are moments spread across the 20 or so minute runtime that absolutely foreshadow Fresh as a pop punk band to keep your eyes firmly set on. I know I will be waiting with anticipation for them to release something new and I hope they dive headfirst into the pop punk sound they perform so well on this debut.


Favorite songs: “Get Bent”, “Fuck My Life”, “Passing”, “Wish You Were Here”


Check out their bandcamp and listen for yourself:


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