Low Estate – “Covert Cult of Death” (2017)


Low Estate is a New York based experimental metal band and this is their sophomore album.

Low Estate go through a variety of metal sounds on “Covert Cult of Death” though none seems more prominent than black metal. The guttural vocals are unsettling and the heavily distorted guitars are ugly and bleak. The band adds some grind flavor with some songs that have more of a groove to them and a couple tracks on the latter half of the album remind me slightly of High on Fire’s stoner metal sound. There is definitely a diversity of sound and style on the record and each song is a distinct entity.

All of that being said, I can’t say that I’m enjoying this album too much. A couple of tracks did connect with me, but for the most part the album passes through my ears leaving not much behind besides a slight headache. I think I would like “Covert Cult of Death” a lot more if the songs were more dynamic and the unrelenting heaviness of the music led to some climactic moments.

Even though I am not loving this album, I can certainly see it appealing to fans of black and experimental metal or just heavy music in general.

Favorite songs: “R-Complex”, “Forced”



Check it out for yourself on Low Estate’s bandcamp here:



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