Alex Cameron – “Forced Witness” (2017)


Alex Cameron is an Australian indie pop/rock singer and “Forced Witness” is his second album.

On “Forced Witness”, Alex Cameron delves into sexual depravity and pornography. The lyrics are in your face and hard to turn away from as they come from the point of view of homophobic macho men, online predators, and just the lowest of the low in today’s society. The lyrics throughout the album are vivid and interesting and definitely a highlight. While the themes of the album lyrically are dark and lonely, the music is upbeat and funky, creating an excellent dichotomy.

Musically, “Forced Witness” is a rich experience with a lot of fun guitar leads and added instrumentation that all create a lavish and full sound. The melodies on the album are infectious and have a great quality that only improves on repeated listens. A lot of the pop sensibilities on the album did not catch me right away, but after giving “Forced Witness” a second listen things really started to click.

I am really glad that I gave “Forced Witness” a proper chance. This is without a doubt one of the most lyrically interesting albums I have heard in a while and the music ain’t bad either! I can definitely see this album continually to grow on me, but for right now I can say without hesitation that it is indeed great. If you are in the mood for something weird and catchy, do yourself a favor and check this out.

Favorite songs: “Country Figs”, “True Lies”, “Studmuffin96”, “Marlon Brando”



Check it out for yourself on Alex Cameron’s bandcamp here:


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