Onsind – “We Wilt, We Bloom” (2017)


Onsind is an English punk band and “We Wilt, We Bloom” is their latest album with Specialist Subject Records.

Onsind brings some elements of folk music to this album, evident with the heavy use of acoustic guitar as well as the themes in the lyrics. The band also throws in some piano on the record but most of what you’ll find in these songs is a solid pop punk sound with a political edge. I enjoy the acoustic parts of this album, but I really do prefer the more electric and traditional punk sounds that Onsind deliver. The guitar tones are crisp and what few guitar leads there are on the record are excellent and serve to elevate the songs. The vocals are a little hit-and-miss for me and I think they are at their best when the singer is belting out the lyrics.

I will say “We Wilt, We Bloom” is much stronger in its second half where the songs are more electric and the melodies are more immediate. As I mentioned, this is a political album born in large part by the UK voting to leave the European Union, and while I completely agree with Onsind’s opinions, they can be at times overbearing. There are moments when the political statements take me out of the music.

Overall, this is a solid and enjoyable punk record. While most of the album is bordering “above average” in quality for me, the highlights are great.

Favorite songs: “The Grieving Kind”, “Claimant”, “Huey Alabaster”, “Sectioned”



Check it out for yourself on Onsind’s bandcamp here:



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